Soldier threw hot water in colleague's groin in row over pizza, court told

A British Army soldier scalded a fellow corporal by pouring boiling water over him after stealing a slice of Domino’s pizza, a court-martial heard.

Sapper Christian Dinsmore suffered “second degree bladder burns in his groin and scrotum” and was hospitalized for three days after the incident was triggered by a pizza dispute.

The court heard that Sapper Samuel Webster appeared in Sapper Dinsmore’s room in a barracks, wearing a “white face mask” and holding a “large mug” of boiling water.

After repeatedly pounding on the door, Spr Webster allegedly threw the mug at Spr Dinsmore, who was wearing only boxer shorts, before kicking his face and shouting, “This will teach you”.

The court heard that on the evening of Jan.

Spr Webster of the 26th Engineer Regiment ordered a Domino’s pizza and, he says, left “about three-quarters” of the pizza in the guard room when he returned to duty.

But Spr Dinsmore from Northern Ireland then took a disk off, even though he was told it belonged to Spr Webster, they said.

Spr Webster later returned and confronted him before asking Spr Dinsmore to pay for the piece he had taken, but was allegedly told to “fuck up”.

Spr Dinsmore told the court, “Around 10:30 p.m. I finished my guard duty at the gate and went to the guard room.” I was told there was pizza, so I ate a piece and lay down on the sofa and fell asleep.

“I was woken up by Spr Webster around one in the morning. He asked if I had eaten his pizza and I said yes. “That was all they said – I just fell asleep again until my next security duty. The next morning I finished around 6:50 am and Spr Webster relieved me of my duty.

“He asked me to pay him for the pizza, but I told him I wouldn’t pay him a slice of pizza – it’s ridiculous. Spr Dinsmore was woken up around 1pm later that day by someone knocking loudly and repeatedly on his door.

He said, “I didn’t open the door at first, but the knocking kept getting louder … I opened the door in my boxer shorts and Spr Webster stood there with a white mask in his mouth and a large mug in hand.

“The cup was similar in size to a Sports Direct cup. There was boiling water in the mug and he threw it on my right thigh and groin. “At first I was confused and didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t know how hot it was.

“He came into my room and I fell over. I tried to get up, but he kicked my head and knocked me back on the floor.

“I managed to get up and put my hands up to protect my face … I thought if I didn’t do anything, things would get a lot worse for me.

“He hit my nose and I hit him back, led him downstairs and out of my room. I closed and bolted the door and he said something like, ‘This will teach you’.

“I was completely incredulous that a fellow soldier could do such a thing to someone.” Spr Dinsmore called his father in Northern Ireland, who called the Royal Military Police while the soldier was taking a cold shower on the advice of a colleague whom he had also called into his room.

The court heard that Spr Webster had previously trained Spr Dinsmore on the regiment’s boxing team, and the couple had saved up together several times.

Spr Webster willfully denies a single aggravated charge, insisting that he didn’t throw away the boiling water and just went to his room to pay for the pizza.

He said, “I ordered a Domino pizza and had a couple of slices and left them in the microwave when I was wary again.” I was short on money and didn’t expect anyone to help themselves.

“When I went back to the pizza later, it was gone. Another sapper told me he and Dinsmore had eaten a piece so I asked them if it was okay to get some money and they said they would pay me.

“The next day I was on my way to the stores for coffee when I noticed the door of Dinsmore’s block was open, so I thought I would go and make a brew and get the money.

“I made a quick coffee and knocked on Dinsmore’s room. It opened and I asked for the money on the pizza.

“He told me to be kidding. Then he tried to hit me with his right hand and I went back and dropped the cup – I guess that was when he scalded his legs. “

Spr Webster also suggested in his police interview that Spr Dinsmore, who has since left his former regiment to become a shooter, had an aversion to him after “overpowering” him while sparring together. The process continues.

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