Solution from Microsoft to Xbox connection problem

Microsoft announced that with the latest Xbox Series X update, the console controller has resolved the disconnect issue. Many players have voiced their connection problem since the console’s release.

Xbox connection issue fixed by update

Microsoft released an update earlier this week that includes transitions for Auto HDR and FPS Boost, and includes improvements to better support the new Xbox Wireless Headset. However, there was another important feature that was not mentioned in the official release notes. According to Jason Ronald of the Xbox team, the update also eliminates the disconnection problem that many Xbox Series X game controllers experience.

Players started reporting a lost connection to controllers shortly after the console was released. They have even created reports and shared some of these reports on Microsoft’s support forums. In January, Microsoft issued a statement saying it was aware of the issues and stating that it would activate the fixes in a future update.

The update mainly focuses on new transitions for FPS Boost and Auto HDR to improve the Xbox gaming experience. In addition, an improved gaming experience as well as successes returning to the application and backward debugging are other parts of the update.

In addition, the update will sync for the Xbox Wireless Headset, which will be released on March 16. This makes it possible to fine-tune functions such as equalizer adjustment, bass boost, automatic mute sensitivity, microphone tracking and light brightness.

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