Some lighting hacks could make your home look more expensive

Whether you’re putting your house up for sale or are looking to make subtle changes, homeowners are always searching for new and simple ways to improve their homes on a budget.

According to interior designer Anni Vanderbeek, from the US, this luxurious look can be achieved by simply choosing the right lighting.

taking to TikTokthe savvy homeowner shared a series of hacks that will make your house feel more expensive.

“I got these LED light strips from Amazon and put these under my giant mirror and under my kitchen cabinets for added ambience,” she explains.

“I also got these little spotlights from Amazon and put them behind every plant base and in every dark corner.”

Instantly, the rooms in Anni’s house look more chic and expensive – and social media users were quick to agree.

“The plant lights… genius,” enthused one, while a second praised: “Soooo pretty. Thanks for sharing.”

A third added: “Lighting is EVERYTHING.”

Meanwhile, another commented: “I love this so much but do you have to go around to turn each one on individually?”

Anni replied: “No! I have them all hooked up to smart plugs and they’re controlled by my Alexa!”

Speaking of interior designers, thesis three features instantly make a room look cheap & are easy to solve.

Vanderbeek hooked most of her lights up to her Amazon Alexa for easy turn on.
Courtesy of @annivanderbeek

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This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced here with permission.

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