Some parts of Google AdSense crashed!

Users have recently been denied access to certain parts of Google AdSense. Then the page sent an error message.

Google AdSense is gaining ground as a monetization tool for millions of websites. The problem spotted in the morning resulted in the panel’s sudden shutdown and the inability of site owners and publishers to monitor their earnings. People who experienced this situation were also shocked because they were unable to manage their advertising plans.

Navigating in AdSense is no problem. But the publisher’s panel has been subject to multiple shutdowns in a matter of hours. After a while, the problem made the control panel unusable. At that moment a message appeared on the screen.

A section within Google AdSense gave an error

While the problem continues within AdSense, the message that appears on the screen indicates that the page cannot be found. At this point the page is mixed with bits of code: “The requested URL %2Fadsense%2Fapp was not found on this server.” notice was included. The resulting issue does not affect the ads. It just prevents the publisher or site owner from seeing their earnings.

Within a few hours, many messages about the problem appeared on Twitter. One report found that disabling Apple’s “Private Transfer” option restored access. Here are some of those tweets:

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