Son of late Libyan dictator Gadhafi runs for president

The son and former heir to the throne of the late Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi has announced his candidacy for the country’s presidential election next month.

Seif al-Islam, wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity related to the 2011 uprising, has submitted his candidacy papers in the southern city of Sabha, Libya’s High National Electoral Commission said in a statement on Sunday.

Gaddafi’s son was captured by militants in late 2011 when a popular uprising overthrew his father after more than 40 years in power. Gaddafi was later killed in the ensuing fighting that resulted in civil war.

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In a video shared by an election official, Seif al-Islam turned to the camera and said that God would determine the right path for the country’s future. He wore glasses and a traditional Libyan robe and turban.

It was the first time in years that he has appeared in public.

He was released in June 2017 after more than five years in prison, and in July of that year he told the New York Times in an interview that he was considering running for the top office in the country.

His candidacy is likely to cause controversy across the country.

Seif al-Islam is wanted by the ICC for crimes against humanity allegedly committed in the first weeks of the 2011 uprising.

Presidential elections will be held in Libya on December 24th after years of United Nations-led attempts to create a more democratic future and end the country’s war.

After the fall and assassination of Gaddafi, oil-rich Libya has spent most of the past decade between rival governments – one based in the capital Tripoli and the other in the east of the country.

Gaddafi had eight children, most of whom played an important role in his regime.

His son Muatassim was killed at the same time that Gaddafi was captured and killed. Two other sons, Seif al-Arab and Khamis, were previously killed in the uprising.

Another son, al-Saadi Gaddafi, was released in September after being extradited from neighboring Niger after more than seven years in prison in Tripoli.

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