Son ties dad's body to car roof to reach crematorium during India's Covid crisis

A son was forced to drive to a crematorium with his father’s body strapped to the roof of his car due to chronic ambulance shortages during India’s Covid crisis.

The appalling scene brought many people to tears as the man performed the final rites after unable to get help from the emergency services, according to India Today.

The son is believed to have traveled to a crematorium in Agra, a city of 1.6 million in the northern state of Utter Pradesh.

The region is grappling with India’s record increase in cases, with Agra alone reporting more than 600 cases a day.

Due to the lack of ambulances, people have to wait almost six hours to bring corpses of Covid victims to the cremation site.

Agra is battling the second outbreak and a collapsing infrastructure, with local politicians blaming the ruling BJP for dealing with the pandemic.

Private hospitals in Agra do not admit patients and the neighboring districts of Mainpuri, Firozabad and Mathura are sending critical patients into the city.

It is because infections in India hit a world record high for the fifth consecutive year on Monday (352,991) and deaths hit an all-time high of more than 2,800.

During a second wave known as the “tsunami”, Covid sufferers have died on the street looking for hospitals with open beds.

Every four minutes a person dies in the capital, where almost all beds in the intensive care unit are occupied.

New Delhi hospitals have sent SOS messages for resources saying they couldn’t handle the onslaught of patients.

In the capital and other troubled cities, bodies have been tragically cremated in makeshift facilities offering mass services.

So many are being cremated in the capital that authorities are told to fell trees in parks to use as lighters.

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said the pressures of Covid-19 in India were becoming “unbearable” and Britain would “do everything possible to alleviate their suffering”.

He said Sky news on Monday: “The UK will send oxygen compressors and ventilators to India, things that are really needed in the now.

“If you remember, we commissioned large numbers of ventilators to ease the pressure on our hospitals. It is only right that we share and help them in their need.”


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