Sony PlayStation 4 Pro has ended production

Sony announced that production of PlayStation 4 Pro has been discontinued. Production of the standard version of PlayStation 4 continues. PS4 and PS4 Pros other than the standard Jet Black PS4 will not be available after the current supply is exhausted.

Understanding the motivation behind Sony’s decision is not difficult. The company made such a decision to focus on the production of the PlayStation 5, which went on sale in November.

Sony has made the statement on this topic due to signs seen in a store in Japan. The plates in question stated that the supplies of the PS4 Pro were exhausted due to the discontinuation of production.

A statement has been added to the PlayStation Direct store in the US stating that the PS4 Pro will no longer be sold. However, this statement was removed after the news in the media. It seems likely that the announcement will be moved soon.

The discontinuation of PlayStation 4 Pro production could also have a positive effect on increasing PlayStation 5 stocks. There is a worldwide problem in finding both the standard and digital versions of PlayStation 5. How Sony’s new decision will change things will be understood over time.

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