Sony Xperia Pro-1 design leaked!

Sony’s phone model, which is expected to be released next week, Xperia Pro-1 (Xperia Alpha) design has leaked! Here are those pictures…

Sony Xperia Pro-1, also known as Xperia Alpha, comes out next week. However, before the introduction of the new smartphone model, the design was largely revealed. Thanks to a major leak, the design, camera functions and many details of the new device have been revealed.

According to the leaks, the most striking feature of the new device will be in the camera. It appears that Sony has made major improvements to the camera. Here are all the leaks about the new device….

Xperia Pro-1’s camera caught the eye

According to the video released by the tech company last week, this model will have a shutter button. The company, which also stands out with its digital and professional cameras, is trying to apply this technology to its smartphones. However, it cannot stand out in the market where brands like Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi are growing. According to the company, it’s time to “change the game”!

Sony Xperia Pro-1 design leaked! 1

According to the source of the leak, the Xperia Pro-1 main camera has the most advanced variable aperture lens (between f2.0 and f4.0) ever seen in a phone. This rear camera has a huge 1 inch Sony sensor. This marks the trail of the world’s first variable telephoto lens, the Xperia 1 III.

Sony Xperia Pro-1 design leaked! 2

However, according to the report of Notebook Check, this new smartphone is well suited for vlogging. Because the device, which has a special screen and connection device, also has a secondary microphone. The company is also developing a new VR headset for 360-degree 8K HDR playback.

Sony Xperia Pro-1 design leaked! 3

Sony Xperia Pro-1 design leaked! 4

According to the leaks, with all these characteristics, Xperia Pro-1 has all the accessories vloggers need. By the way, the company will introduce this product tomorrow. Starting tomorrow we will have all the details about the new smartphone model.

Do you think Sony’s new smartphone model will “change the game” as the company says? What do you think of this new device and its accessories? We are waiting for your comments…

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