Soul 2: Will there Be A Follow-Up For This Pixar’s Movie?

Animated films always have something to tell viewers. With a great message hidden inside, we all feel so relieved with everything they deliver. Personally, I think these kinds of movies should be watched by everyone, regardless of their age. Disney and Pixar worked together on the movie Soul that just came out last year. Since the film was shown on Disney Hotstar plus, many people took the opportunity to watch the show and appreciate the film. The show received a positive response from the critics and audiences loved the animated film. Does it mean we’re getting a sequel? Will there be a Soul 2? If so, when will it be released?

I know you must have such questions in your mind and why shouldn’t you? I mean soul is one of the last released animated movies and the story it portrays is amazing. I know the movie wasn’t as famous as other popular Disney and Pixar movies, but there is still a huge audience who loved and appreciated the movie and are waiting for another sequel.

Developed by Pixer which follows the life of an African American man who has a second doubt in his life. Pix has always been a classic favorite when it comes to animated movies. The movies this entertainment studio brings are always great, teach a life lesson, make us emotional and touch our hearts. That’s the main reason why movies like Toy Story and Finding Nemo are so important to kids and all adults.

With tons of work to come, can we expect Soul 2’s revamp? In this article. We’re talking about the latest Pixar movie Soul and the upcoming programs and the possibility of another season in detail. If you are someone who likes this movie, keep up to date with the latest information out there.

Soul: Pix New Animated Movie!

Soul 2

The Soul is an American animated film produced under the Pixer studio. The film was released in 2020 and after the broadcast, the audience loved everything the film had to offer. With a great storyline and great lessons that would challenge anyone around the world, Soul is here. The story follows the life of an African American music teacher named Joe Gardner who hails from New York City. Being good at academics, he got a full time scholarship but instead decided to pursue his dream which he really admires.

He got the chance to play the piano for the jazz icon Dorothea Williams. That one chance hit him hard and he decided never to look back.

Plus, as the show drew to a close, Joe got a little too happy with what he’d accomplished in these years. But later he fell into the manhole and fell into a coma. The story begins when he questions his life and happiness.

Directed by Pete Docter and co-directed by Kemp Powers, the film delivers an amazing array of emotional and meaningful lessons. The main character of the film, Joe, is voiced by Jamie Foxx. After the film got a lot of response, the audience started to wonder if there was going to be another chapter or not. There are already a lot of questions about the upcoming movie sequel. Let’s discuss them below.

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts is the new animated series that appeared on Netflix last year. After the release of the animation show, it has been given the title of the most famous new animation show in recent years. The series has successfully released 3 seasons in a row and the fans are wondering if Kipo season 4 is a thing or not?

Soul 2: Will there be a sequel to this animated film?

soul 2

Soul was initially released at the famous BFI London Film festival on October 11, 2020. Upon the release of the animated series, the show makers then decide to follow the premiere on the OTT platform.

Although there were initially plans for the movie’s release in theater and the theatrical release date was also planned. The showrunners took a step back and decided to release the film on December 25, 2020.

That’s because they are coming up in the covid cases and the pandemic was quite alarming and that started to worry the show makers. For now, the series is currently streaming on the Disney Hotstar plus. There’s still hope for the sequel to get a theatrical release date.

Speaking of the sequel, there are a large number of people walking around. For now, Pixar is super bust with its schedule. There are the following movies that have been in production and will be released soon. Movies like Luca, Lightyear, Turning Reda are among the upcoming projects currently in production.

A sequel to the film looks quite a good option for the studio. At the moment there is no official confirmation regarding Soul 2, but the days are not far off when we can actually stream the film or watch it in theaters.

Plus, many major entertainment websites like Screenart have already guessed the possibility of a next sequel, so we can expect that to happen as well.

Soul 2: When will it be released?


For now, the studio is busy with their schedule and there are no updates on Soul 2. But the days are not far away when the film series would be given the green light by the officials. Looking at the positive future ahead, there are quite a few reasons why the sequel could happen.

Because the movie gets huge success and the ratings are pretty good too. With such a great performance, how can the studio ignore the film? If everything goes according to time, I think the series could happen in the next few years.

The possible Soul 2 release date would be 2023-2024. Because there are enough films that will find their way in 2022, we will not get the series for the time being.

Once the officials have confirmed Soul 2, I will keep you updated via our website. Bookmark this page to get all the latest updates about the movie.

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Is there an official trailer?

Everyone finds their soul after seeing the latest Pixar movie. For now, the series has not been confirmed as to whether there will be a possible sequel, but there is a possibility of getting one. For those people who haven’t seen the movie yet, what are you waiting for? The latest Pixar movie soul is already streaming on Disney Hotstar plus. But wait! Before you watch the movie, here’s the official trailer for you. Watch the trailer and discover the soul within you.

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