Spain holiday warning as airport closed, flights cancelled and swimming is banned

Tourists traveling to parts of Spain are warned that their vacation could be interrupted due to ongoing problems.

While the vacation hotspot remains open to British citizens wanting a short break – and the Foreign Office now allows non-essential travel to the country – travel warnings still need to be heeded.

While Covid-19 remains an option, these warnings relate to a volcanic eruption and shark sightings.

On the Canary Islands the airport of La Palma was closed on Thursday night – for the second time – because a huge ash cloud from a volcanic eruption on 19. reports the daily record.

An accumulation of ash and dust on the runway forced the local authorities to do ground flights on Thursday, according to the air traffic control company AENA.

Other airports in the country will remain open and the ash cloud will not pose any major risks to air traffic for the time being, the spokesman said.

Elsewhere in Spain, swimmers were banned from entering the water on a beach on the Costa Blanca after seeing a shark.

The shark was spotted off the coast of Playa del Portet in Teulada, according to Mirror.

The area is popular with British tourists and the warning remains in place until further notice.

The ban came into force on weekends and bathing on beaches in the municipality between Valencia and Alicante is prohibited.

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