Spectator who caused chaotic Tour de France crash arrested

LAVAL, France —The spectator who caused an A. A pile-up during the first stage of the Tour de France was arrested after introducing herself at a police station, a source close to the investigation said Wednesday.

The spectator, a 30-year-old French woman, is in custody at a police station in Landerneau in Brittany, the region in northwestern France where the Tour de France, the world’s largest cycling event, has held its first four stages.

The viewer is accused of having injured themselves involuntarily and of endangering the lives of others.

On Saturday, German cyclist Tony Martin fell when he drove straight into a cardboard sign held by a fan looking in the other direction of a television camera, causing chaos about 50 kilometers in front of the stage.

Another huge pile-up occurred on Monday in a nervous finale on narrow streets, prompting the Tour de France riders to step about a mile into the fourth stage on Tuesday – literally – bringing the race to a standstill for about a minute brought in a silent protest for safer racing conditions after the accidents.

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In the Tour de France, thousands of fans usually cheer on the riders from the sidelines as they progress through the grueling stages of the race for three weeks.

After most of the Covid-19 restrictions in France were lifted, enthusiastic fans took to the streets of quaint villages along the route on the opening day of the race, and thousands lined the streets of the Brittany countryside.

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