Spectators stunned as murmuration creates giant bird in sky

This is the amazing moment when a “murmur” of wading birds dazzled beach goers as they formed a giant bird shape on a misty autumn morning.

Thousands of knots created the eerie portrait of a bird in flight playing charades in the sky.

Spectators were blinded as the acrobatic animals poured out of their mud flats to avoid the approaching high tide in Snettisham, Norfolk.

37-year-old photographer Brad Damms said, “One shape looked like a bird and another like a whale fin.

“The great thing is that everyone sees something different.”

Brad of Holt, Norfolk said, “The knots nest and feed on the mudflats of the beach. At some point the water comes up and they are carried into the air.

“When they take off all at once, it sounds like a steam train is passing by.

“They do a little show and then fly in and land.”

The knot is a short-legged, stocky wader that forms huge flocks from its arctic breeding areas in the winter to Great Britain.

* Murmuration refers to the phenomenon that occurs when hundreds, sometimes thousands, of starlings soar through the sky in steep, intricately coordinated patterns.

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