Spock’s Full Name Revealed in New Star Trek Series

Bold move: new character posters for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds revealed the official full names of Spock and dr. M’Benga.

UPDATE — STAR TREK STATEMENT: “In Star Trek: Mission to Chicago, we accidentally showed posters with the wrong names of Spock and M’Benga. Sometimes when you’re working at warp speed, mistakes are made. names, which have not yet been announced.”

After a 56-year wait, the new “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” posters have taken the unprecedented step of giving Spock an official full name. “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” is the latest series of Star Trek spin-offs, recounting the adventures of Captain Pike, Lieutenant Commander Spock, and the rest of the crew of the USS Enterprise. The series premiere is set for May 5, when it debuts on Paramount+.

The action of “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” takes place after the events of the second season of the series “Star Trek: Discovery”, in which viewers were introduced to new versions of the characters Spock, Captain Pike and Number One, and will also be a prequel to “Star Trek: The Original”. Series (CBT). The series was launched because of the positive response the new versions of these classic characters have generated among Star Trek fans and the general public, and it is intended to add more depth to their backstories. In addition, the show will feature characters such as Dr. M’Benga, Young Uhura and Nurse Chapel, as well as all-new characters completing the main cast.

Now, in a series of new posters unveiled during the Star Trek: Mission to Chicago event, Star Trek has added even more to Spock’s character than viewers could have imagined. Star Trek took the opportunity to introduce Spock and Dr. M’Benga to give an official full name. New character posters show a couple in uniform against a massive backdrop, with their full names stamped above the Strange New Worlds logo. Posters show Spock’s full name is S’chn T’gai Spock, and Dr. M’Benga’s name Jabilo – a little easier to pronounce of the two. View the two posters via the link below:

The opening will come as a real surprise to longtime viewers of “Star Trek” and is sure to spark a lot of discussion, not least over the verdict. Previously, the only canonical mention of Spock’s full name was when the half-Vulcan told Leila Kalomi that his name was unpronounceable in the TOS season 1 episode “This Side of Paradise.” Some viewers may disagree with the exposure because of the answers to questions that don’t need to be answered, but the names aren’t out of the blue, and both are taken from the Star Trek novels, even if they’re only now the official canon.

A bold decision could set the tone for a series bent on changing the style of modern Star Trek. The Star Trek: Strange New Worlds team promised viewers that the series would return to the franchise’s episodic roots, based on Starfleet’s optimism, but at the same time retain some minor storylines. Even with this change to Spock’s new official name, it may take some time to get used to as viewers wonder what other surprises Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has in store.

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