Sports stoppage due to the coronavirus is affecting officials' income

In addition to the fact that coaches, players, fans and parents are affected by the suspension of pro, college, high school and youth sports seasons, some officials incur a serious loss of income.

High school baseball and softball referees could have played nearly 20 games this spring. That’s a loss of $ 1,600 in the southern section and $ 1,700 in the city section for baseball umpires receiving up to $ 87 per game. Softball officials lose over $ 1,500.

Officials also lose from working youth leagues and adult leagues on weekends. While most use officiating to supplement their main job income, it’s all part of the sports economy that has been halted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Now that many schools are closed until early May and it is not certain whether the high school sports season will resume, officials are on hold.

“People are quite in shock,” said Kirk West, a San Fernando Valley official.

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If the season resumed in May, there would be a struggle to get enough officials for different sports to play multiple games within a week. That would be a good problem.

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