Spotify renews web and desktop apps

While Spotify has made its presence in the global market more prominent, it continues to take steps to improve the user experience. Spotify, which recently announced the design change in its mobile application, is now revamping its web and desktop applications.

By making the homepage cleaner, the company eliminates a bit of complexity from the sidebar. Spotify, which also offers filtering tools in the library, also allows users to create new playlists and save content for offline access. It is worth remembering that the recording feature is unique to Spotify Premium users.

Creating a new playlist in Spotify’s web and desktop applications also seems to be easier with the new design. Users will see an integrated search bar on the playlist creation screen where they can search for both music and podcast content. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this change will please those who love to create playlists.

Spotify is making the desktop experience a bit closer to mobile with the change it has made to the homepage design. By highlighting recommended playlists and top listeners, the company simplifies the sidebar by adding the search box. One of the innovations is the ability for users to edit the play order and see what has been recently stolen.

Spotify has confirmed that its web and desktop apps have so far been eclipsed by mobile apps. The company’s statement stated that the web and desktop applications were not up-to-date enough and therefore the change was made.

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