Stacey Solomon's eldest sons pull their weight when it comes to housework

Stacey Solomon has revealed that she has her eldest sons ironing and cleaning up for themselves.

The mother of three, who has become a disappointing and organizational influencer on Instagram, says that having sons Zachary, 12 and Leighton, 8 responsible for their own chores meant they would understand how to look after themselves , reports MirrorOnline.

Stacey said during a conversation on Virgin Radio Tuesday, “I packed all of her school bags and ironed all of her clothes and got them out for her and made sure it was ready the next day, but it just made her so lazy.” “”

“If I went to work one day I would literally get calls from Joe saying, ‘Where’s the uniform? You don’t know where it is. You didn’t do that’ and it just served no purpose.”

Sharing her turning point, she added, “In the end, I just thought – maybe a year ago – you have to do it yourself and take responsibility, and if you forget your PE kit, you have to do it.” Get your imprisonment, this is life. “

Surprisingly, she also stated that despite her love of a clean living environment, she does not step foot into the boys’ rooms and knows that they will eventually clean up when “they have had enough”.

Former X Factor contestant Stacey shares a young son, Rex, with her fiancé Joe Swash and the two older boys.

“I don’t clean up the big boys’ rooms, I don’t go in there,” Stacey continued.

“If they want to live in the dirt, that’s their choice, but I know that every few weeks when they get tired of it they actually start tidying up their things and bringing their laundry down or whatever. The more I do it for them do the less they realize that they are actually growing up and growing up and needing to do it for themselves. “

Stacey’s passion for tinkering and DIY has led to her being promoted by BBC bosses for her own show, which inspired viewers to spring clean when she took six families on a week-long mission announced on the new Sort Your Life Out program has been.

Essex-born Stacey has four million social media followers, largely thanks to household tips and upcycling hacks she posts.

She told the mirror, “There’s always a room or closet that I can’t sort out at home, but once I’ve done it, there is nothing more satisfying.

“I’ll be sharing my ultimate tidying and upcycling tips, from lazy susans to tension bars. There will be plenty of great ideas to give viewers the confidence to finally tackle this closet.”

The series will also feature a team of helpers, including home organizer Dilly Carter, carpenter and upcycler Robert Bent, and cleaning expert Iwan Carrington.

A pilot will air this spring on the six-part program that will follow later in the year.

Emily Smith, Editor of the BBC Commission, said: “We are very much looking forward to this series with Stacey and her team.

“It’s amazing what you can do to turn houses over without spending a lot of money.”


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