Staff isolating, office cleaned after Minister tests positive for Covid

Police Minister Kit Malthouse set off a coronavirus alert at the Home Office after testing positive for the disease.

Officials said Mr Malthouse “immediately” left the division’s headquarters on Marsham Street in central London on Monday after being briefed on the result of a side flow test he conducted on his way to work.

However, the Sunday Times reported that a number of employees were forced to self-isolate by two teams of officials working in the building.

The officials insisted that no protocols were broken and that the Interior Ministry’s Covid team had been informed “immediately and verbally” of what had happened.

Mr. Malthouse should d

After his departure, a thorough cleaning was carried out in his office and in the areas with which he had contact.

However, the Sunday Times said official documents showed there had been no report of what happened to the government’s Covid directorate.

Home Office sources said that filling out a form is “not required” and that “the process that is followed is important”.

There should have been no protocol in which a positive Covid test had to be reported to the cabinet office.

A spokeswoman for the interior ministry said: “The police minister received a positive Covid test result on Monday.

“This was a preventative test as the minister had no symptoms.

“The minister left the building immediately and is now isolated from his household.

“His office and the areas he came in contact with were cleaned thoroughly.”


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