Star Wars: The Clone Wars Drags Ahsoka Back to the Front Lines, Even If She Doesn't Want It To


For now, Ahsoka can no longer hide from her past.

For the time being, Ahsoka can no longer hide from her past.
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The past three episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars have seen Ahsoka Tano struggle with her sense of identity in times of crisis. What is she without the Jedi order? What is the Jedi Order in a time of war? What has become of a galaxy of beings pushed to the edge? This week she learns another hard lesson: Sshe often does not deny the fate that history is asking her.

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‘Together Again’, the culmination of this long, strange Ahsoka journey – from the lower levels of Coruscant to the Kessel spice mines, further to the prison complexes of the Pyke Crime Syndicate – is essentially a story about the hero temporarily admitting that, for better or worse, she can leave the Jedi order, but not the fact that she once entered their temple corridors as one of its members. Initially, this is a gamble she makes out of desperation. After spending her time with her new friends While their likewise desperate gambling smuggling exploded in their faces, Ahsoka has stopped who she is. That includes her status, her power, even her differences in worldview when confronted with the most normal people a war-shredded galaxy has to offer. It is an attempt to not only continue with her Jedi past, but prevent her new friends from getting caught up in the mess inherent in that past.

But now, after a failed prison break (multiple failed breaks, to be honest) she all lands back in hot water with the Pykes, she realizes she needs to leverage her past. Pulling herself out as a Jedi, an undercover agent from the Republic and no less, Ahsoka makes a quick deal with the Pykes to let Trace and Rafa escape, leaving her alone with the Pykes.

At first, it seems like a broken heart to Trace, and a justification for Rafa’s dodgy view of the Jedi who abandoned her family – this mysterious Jedi working her way through their lives so she could take them beyond the she already has hardships that the galaxy is on. But they soon realized that Ahsoka was hiding her Jedi heritage from them because she didn’t want them to be hurt by it. That despite all the shortcomings of the Order as an entity, there are still people like Ahsoka who represent the best of its ideals. So, a crazy plan and a fist fight with a Trandoshan port manager later, the two sisters pass up the opportunity Ahsoka gave them to escape to save her.

In some ways, it is free for Ahsoka to finally be able to release her abilities, while the trio are now making their combined escapes from the Pykes for the last time. She no longer has to limit what she can do with the Force or her combat training, paving the way for her own escape while sabotaging Pyke’s production. When Trace and Rafa pick her up on their ship, she doesn’t have to hide the fact that she’s being held been an artillery position many times before, eager to defend the group from chasing hunters.

But opening yourself up again to that former self brings another complication. While planning detonators to lay down the Pyke’s facility, Ahsoka discovers that the real master of the syndicate none other than Darth Mauloperating in the shadow of Mandalore’s throne. And what she quickly realizes is that although she has left Anakin and Obi-Wan behind and no longer has a duty to wage this war, this is information she cannot keep to herself. Above all, even though it means facing the grief with which she leaves her Jedi life, she realizes that she is informing her former comrades of Maul’s plans with the Crimson Dawn is exactly what you need to do.

But while she and the Martez sisters escape to Coruscant, Ahsoka is confronted with the fact that she does not have to make that choice after all, because Iit was made for her. The escapades of Ahsoka, Trace and Rafa have watched them from another intruder on Pyke territory: an uneven trio of Mandalorians. When our trio returns to the Martez repair shop, this new trio steps forward to reveal themselves as a former Deathwatch, now led by Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) and in need of help liberate their world by Darth Maul.

Bo-Katan’s request is more of an order than a plea. After all, she does not know Ahsoka’s recent past, she does not know what the Jedi order has done while her world has fallen under Maul’s spell. As far as she knows, Ahsoka is a Jedi, and what Jedi does is take action, take saber in hand and fight the battle in the galaxy. This is exactly what they do should doing well?

Ahsoka is initially reluctant to do all that, of course – even when she’s struggling to tell Bo-Katan that she’s not the Jedi she and her fabulously-hooded friends are looking for. However, Rafa reminds her that Ahsoka would probably have been pushed back in all this war and heroism anyway. After everything, she may not be of the Order, but she is still a Jedi – in the sense that she is deep down a good person who just wants to help the people around her. This includes helping individuals like Trace and Rafa, groups such as the Bo-Katan resistance or entire armies such as those commanded by the Jedi and the Republic. It is the core of the woman that we will see grow beyond this story, behind what is to come, in the hero we meet again in Star Wars Rebels, now more on that path than ever.

But for the time being, the continuation of that longer journey must wait. Ahsoka has a known fate to be the first to confront: one we’ve all been waiting for for a long time see.

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