State Pension Christmas 2021 pay dates: When will I receive my money?

Christmas is now less than two months away and with the holidays approaching you will likely need money to buy gifts and food.

If you want to know when your state Christmas pension is due, you probably won’t be surprised that you don’t get it on the two bank holidays in December and one in January (or two if you live in Scotland).

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This means that if your money is due on any of those days, the day you receive your state pension will change.

You are probably wondering when your state pension will be paid to you. Here’s everything we know about December and January festive payment dates.

Pension payment dates Christmas 2021: When will I get my money?

Depending on your social security end, it will depend on when you should expect your state pension to be paid, if it follows normal weeks. Remember: you get paid once every four weeks and the money is never paid out over a weekend.

So if your last two digits are between 00 and 19, you will receive your money on a Monday. If your last two digits are 20 through 39, it’s Tuesday. On Wednesday, retirees are paid if their last two digits are 40 to 59. You get paid on Thursday if your last two digits are 60 to 79, and everyone else – the ones on digits 80 to 99 – see a payment in their bank on Friday.

However, this year there are two holidays in December and one next year in January so we can all celebrate the holidays.

Christmas Day falls on Saturday, December 25th, while Boxing Day falls on Sunday, December 26th. This means that two public holidays will follow: Monday December 27th and Tuesday December 28th.

If the last digits of your Social Security number are 00 to 19 and 20 to 39, you will receive your state pension on Christmas Eve, also known as Friday December 24th, instead of Monday December 27th or Tuesday December 28th when your usual wage is up these days falls.

You may also want to know that if your money is due on Monday January 3, 2022, for those whose last two digits are between 00 and 19, you will receive your state pension on Friday, December 31, 2021 as such Monday is the replacement New Year holiday, which falls on Saturday January 1st next year.

The change in payment dates comes as retirees learned that their annual pension pots will increase by more than 3 percent.

The full state pension is currently £ 179.60 per week but this is expected to increase to £ 185.15 from April next year.


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