State Pensions underpayments – six groups of people who need to check right now

Are you getting the correct amount of state pension?

Financial advisors have warned that some individuals may receive less pension than they are legally entitled to.

According to studies by Lane, Clark and Peacock (LCP), several groups are affected.

Here are the categories that can be affected.

1. Married women in the old pension

Tens of thousands of married women may have underpaid their state pensions, according to the LCP.

They are now being asked to review their pension amount as complex rules could mean some have failed, the Daily Express reported.

Under the old rules of the state pension system, married women could claim a basic pension of 60 percent of the full rate based on the social security contributions paid by their husbands.

This only happens if the amount would be higher than the pension due to their own contributions.

This was supposed to be applied automatically as of March 17, 2008, but it has been estimated that tens of thousands of women have slipped through the web.

Before that date, a woman had to make a second claim to increase her pension amount.

2. Widows whose pension has not changed after the death of their husband

When your husband died, your state pension should have been reviewed.

You can inherit a basic state pension of up to £ 134.25, depending on your deceased husband’s contributory list, plus at least 50 percent of his additional state pension.

3. Widows who may have been underpaid during their husband’s lifetime

If your husband reached retirement age after March 17, 2008 and you received less than 60 percent of his basic pension, you may be underpaid.

Cheshire East

  • The number of people aged 75 and over who do not make their claim – 2.764
  • The percentage of the total population of 75 and over – 7%

Cheshire West and Chester

  • The number of people aged 75 and over who do not make their claim – 2.857

  • The percentage of the total population of 75 and over – 8th%


  • The number of people aged 75 and over who do not make their claim – 1,299

  • The percentage of the total population of 75 and over – 14%


  • The number of people aged 75 and over who do not make their claim – 1.654

  • The percentage of the total population of 75 and over – 9%

4. Divorced women

Divorced women also need to review their amounts if their pensions can take into account an ex-husband’s contributions.

This is provided that the woman has not remarried.

Individuals divorcing after retirement may be at particular risk of underpayment.

5. People aged 80 and over

Individuals 80.45 and older who can claim a State Pension of £ 80.45 regardless of their Social Security may need to check their pensions for underpayment if they pass a basic residency test.

6. Heirs

The heirs (widowers, sons / daughters, etc.) of women whose state pensions may have been underpaid may need to check whether they are entitled to a sum to make up the difference.

LCP said, “DWP says it is reviewing its records to find married women who may be underpaid.

“But there is a risk of missing out on widows, older married women, and those over 80.

“We launched a petition on Parliament’s website to ensure that the government is using their records to track down * all * women whose state pensions are underpaid.”

The Petition calling on DWP to conduct a full search of pension records has attracted more than 13,000 signatures to date. When it reaches 100,000, the issue will be discussed in parliament.

In response to the petition, the government said: “In 2008, the law was changed so that married women who were receiving a state pension themselves would no longer have the right to claim an increase in state pension using their husband’s national if he were has reached the statutory retirement age on March 17, 2008.

“A number of married women have reached out to DWP to verify that their state pension is correct as they are unsure that their state pension was increased as it should have been when their husband reached his state retirement age .

“If someone was found to be underpaid, DWP paid a statutorily retroactive state pension.

“DWP has initiated a broader review of state pension records to identify married women who may be receiving an underpaid state pension. Identifying those whose statutory state pension entitlement is underpaid is an important task.

“Based on the contact we have received from a small number of widows who have not had their state pension increased after their husband’s death, DWP is also investigating how the most effective way to verify state pension records is identify other widows and elderly people 80 who may not be eligible for proper state pensions.

“In all identified cases where someone is underpaid, payments will be backdated to the extent permitted by law.

“Anyone who believes they are underpaid should contact the ministry on 0800 731 0469. For more information on pension service, visit here:“”


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