Steam Deck Shares Its First Unboxing Video; What Does The Box Include?

the first Steam Deck review units reach content creators. We attend the first video unboxing of the laptop. Steam Deck is already in the hands of some content creators. The first advances have already been published with interesting results. The ShortCircuit channel shares what the first unboxing video looks like.

This is the first Steam Deck unboxing

The content does not differ especially from the information that Valve shared in its day, although there are small modifications. It all starts with a cardboard box with several icons expressly customized by the company. When you open it you will see an elongated paper with the safety instructions and to charge the device. Under it will appear the Steam Deck briefcase, sheathed in white cardboard, and a box where the power outlet is included.

There is a small detail that will not go unnoticed live. The back of the cover has a hole covered by an extensible tape. As soon as you open it you will see a cloth bag where you can place the power outlet in case you want to transport it. The idea of ​​the company is that this cable goes inside the bag, so that in turn you put it inside the hole. With the tape they pretend that it does not fall during the journey.

ShorCircuit emphasizes the toughness of the case. What he is not so sure about is the reach of the power cable, which is somewhat short in his opinion. The USB input for charging is at the top of the chassis, so you have to go the extra mile to get there; if you are not near the socket you may have a problem.

At 7:20 in the video, he makes a brief parenthesis to show the anti-glare screen. The improvement is evident compared to another console with a standard screen. While in the latter the reflection is like that of a mirror, Steam Deck blurs the screen so that it does not have an impact on your gaming experience. This is especially useful when playing in bright spaces or in the middle of the street.

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