Steam Game Festival Coming Back on February 3rd

The Steam Game Festival returns early next month, with free demos and releases of more than 500 games for developers, the event will be quite lively.

As the game market grew, platforms began to add new features to it. In fact, the main users of some social media platforms such as Discord and Twitch were gamers. Companies want players to socialize on their own platform.

Steam tries to bond with the players through game festivals where developers and players come together and where new games can be tried out. The date of the first event of the year has been announced.

Steam Game Festival starts on February 3rd

The first game festival of the year starts on February 3 and lasts until February 9. More than 500 free game demos will be presented to gamers as part of the event. Various developers will also be in front of the players with live streams.

Looking at the informational video prepared for the event, we see some productions preparing to return with the event. In addition to well-known games such as Bloodroots and The Riftbreaker, new productions such as Genesis Noir and Shady Knight are among the prominent names in this action.

Other productions that stand out in the trailer include such productions as Windjammers 2, Blunt Force, Children of Silentown and Nartia Boy. Demos were open to players for a short time at previous events. The situation will probably be no different this time.

A week of fun

Having access to demos of various productions at the Steam Game Festival will help and guide gamers ahead of the upcoming season discounts. So before paying for the games it is possible to try it legally. Wish lists can be formed more precisely.

The event ends on February 9. Steam is expected to announce the content of new games and which producers will be released in the coming days. Let’s see what events and games the platform offers us in the new event?

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