Stranded Brit family left using food banks after Covid ruined Benidorm dream

A British family who traveled to Benidorm to start a new life are stranded and dependent on food banks after losing their job.

Mom of three, Lindsey Evers and partner Peter Chadwick have asked for help raising funds so they can return to the UK.

The couple will be evicted from their apartment later this month after falling back in rent 10 years after moving to the Costa Blanca resort.

Lindsey, originally from Halifax, West Yorkshire, said: “We want to go back to the UK and find work as soon as possible without receiving benefits.

“That would not be feasible. We have been disappointed by the Spanish government and our claims of what we are entitled to have not even got through, so we have to return home.”

The 41-year-old waitress Lindsey and the 56-year-old chef Peter lost their jobs last year during the Costa Blanca Covid’s first lockdown and are struggling to find new jobs as Benidorm suffers from a lack of tourists.

They said they now only have 20 euros in their account.

Earlier this week she said the sun : “We have been living here legally for years, worked hard and paid our taxes. Now we are only one step away from living on the streets.

“Coronavirus was an absolute disaster for us and many other Brits who moved to Benidorm and made a good life here.”

The couple say a stay in Benidorm is not viable and is about to be evacuated

Peter added, “The British Businesses Association of Benidorm is helping us with petrol money so we can drive our daughter Charlee the eight miles from our house to her school and be fed thanks to her grocery bank.”

They are returning to the UK with their two youngest children, Charlee, 12 and Harvey, 17, after receiving their eviction notice and ruling that they cannot stay in Spain under the current circumstances.

The couple set one up Fundraising page, that has raised more than £ 1,600 so far.

Benidorm Mayor Toni Perez said earlier this week he was “very sorry” to hear they leave after their plight was highlighted.

Karen Maling-Cowles, president of the British Businesses Association of Benidorm, says the number of destitute expats needing cash assistance to return to the UK from the Costa Blanca resort is currently around four a week.

Lindsey said, “Me and my family are really grateful for getting us over the 75 percent mark of our goal.

“We’re literally getting back to nothing other than what we can fit in the car.

“We’re still looking for somewhere to stay or rent an apartment so we can register my daughter at school and apply for a job as soon as possible.

“We have so many people trying to help us with different aspects of the transition. Again I thank each of you for ALL of your help. ”


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