Stray dogs seen eating bodies of Covid victims as India battles devastating wave

Stray dogs have been seen eating charred human remains that washed up on the banks of an Indian river as Covid-ravaged land grapples with the death toll.

India is battling a devastating third wave of coronavirus, and while the number of cases is starting to decline, the country faces a rising death toll every day for the coming weeks.

Residents of Uttarkashi in Uttrakhand, India now claim to have seen the animals eat human flesh, some half-burned after being driven to the banks of the Bhagirathi River while crematoriums struggled with the strain of the pandemic.

A local resident said he was painting by the river on Monday when he saw the dogs “gnaw and eat” the dead.

The man described the sight too NDTV as “the death of mankind” in an appeal to the local government to combat corpse accumulation.

Locals also fear that the coronavirus could spread further through the water supply or the dogs consuming victims of the disease.

Mayor Ramesh Semwal reportedly said that after receiving complaints, officials hired a person to cremate the half-cremated bodies that washed up on the riverbank.

“In the past few days the number of deaths in our area has increased. I also learned that corpses are not properly cremated, so I instructed the administration to arrange for the cremation of half-cremated corpses in Kedar Ghat.” said Ramesh.

Last month there was a similar case of suspected coronavirus victims who washed up on the banks of the Ganges in the northern states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Footage also surfaced yesterday showing relatives wearing full PPE tossing a body into the Rapti River in Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh.

Authorities believe that the families of the dead may not have found a place to cremate their loved ones or could not afford the final rites.

It comes after the country reported the lowest daily surge in new coronavirus infections in over a month at 127,510 on Tuesday, while deaths rose by 2,795 – the lowest daily surge since Jan.


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