Strictly judge shares pet 'guilt' with pandemic puppy owners

Thousands of people across the UK have added a new dog to their lives in the past 12 months.

On an online puppy search that was up 122% since March last year – lockdown and homework meant many households took the plunge and bought or adopted a new dog.

And they were lifesavers – constant and loyal companions during our daily basic exercises, who lift our spirits when it gets difficult and make us laugh with their funny antics.

At home, our dogs have always ruled the quarters – but in the past 12 months they have also become valuable work colleagues, stars of our social media accounts, enthusiastic class members in our makeshift home schools, and the bond that families and communities bring together.

But research from recently launched website TeamDogs Many brand new dog owners understandably have had their ups and downs with their new family member and need help and advice.

  • One in five new dog owners has regretted buying a dog in the past 12 months, and many are even considering giving it up.

  • One in three (32%) new dog owners finds it much more difficult than expected to own a dog

  • 78% of new dog owners have been concerned about their dog’s behavior in the past 12 months

  • In fact, 43% of new dog owners say their dog’s bad behavior has affected their relationship with loved ones

TeamDogs ambassador Shirley Ballas has had her beloved Lhasa Apso Charlie saved for four years.

The Strictly Judge and Dog Lover said, “A dog’s highs outweigh the lows, but bringing home a new dog can be a very difficult transition for anyone.
“I remember when I first brought Charlie home, he was always playing on the carpet! I felt guilty until I spoke to other dog owners in the park. I didn’t know that this was “normal” for a puppy.

“I am so grateful to have received this insight from other dog owners and I hope that all new puppy parents will find similar support.”

Ceri Gould, the inventor of TeamDogs, owner of Cockapoo Tommy, said, “Nobody said adding a new dog to the family would be an easy sailing. Puppies in particular need a lot of love and attention and, frankly, completely disrupt everyday family life.

“But things calm down quickly and you’ll soon be wondering how you ever lived without them. If you need help, join the TeamDogs family.

Join our brand new website TeamDogs now.

When you get there make sharing a picture of your dog in our Top Dogs your brilliant first job.

When you’ve done that, you may want to leave a referral to help other dog owners in the TeamDogs community.

“TeamDogs is a new dog lover website written by dog ​​lovers. We strive to provide the best advice and recommendations to ensure that dogs and their owners live their best lives together. “

Other survey results found that waking up at night, chewing furniture, constant barking, and unsuccessful toilet training all led to strained relationships at home. 43% of new dog owners admitted that their dog’s behavior led to strained relationships with loved ones.

The full extent of their dog’s bad behavior led to this

  • 18% of new owners have to cancel plans

  • 17% of new owners admit sleeping next to their dog instead of in bed

  • 14% of new owners admit crying over their dog’s bad behavior

  • 13% of new owners take a day off to deal with it

The study also shows that 78% of new dog owners were most concerned about their dog’s behavior at lockdown, compared to 67% of people who already owned dogs.

In fact, those who had a dog during the pandemic were significantly more likely to have experienced a number of negative emotions related to their dog and its behavior.

The survey also shows that dog owners are concerned about how their dogs will adjust to life in the new normal once the locks wear off and normality resumes.

The online survey was conducted in March 2021 by a sample of 1,018 dog owners and is representative of the UK population. The results are based on all dog owners surveyed, but at certain points pull out data for a subset of owners who had their last dog during the pandemic.

TeamDogs Opened in March, it is a one-stop shop for dog owners and lovers, devoted to the latest news, advice, and recommendations to ensure the dogs in our lives are living their best lives.


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