Strictly star Seann has panic attacks after kiss controversy

Comedian Seann Walsh says he has panic attacks after fighting over his kiss with his Strictly Come Dancing partner.

The former contestant on the BBC One show, 35, made headlines in 2018 when he kissed his married dance partner Katya Jones while in a relationship himself.

Jones has since split with her husband, Neil, but said she had no regrets and insisted they be as close as ever despite going their separate ways.

On Take Flight’s podcast, Walsh described the effects of the episode on his mental health.

The stand-up who had previously suffered panic attacks as a young man said, “The panic attacks were coming back. Big, big panic attacks and I had dizzy spells later.

“I had one the other day, I just lay down. I had to lie down in the street, it’s pretty humiliating. It’s London so nobody shits.

“I have to relive what happened. I can be okay and then all of a sudden the memories of everything come back that I can’t stop thinking about.

“It defeats me and hits me until the place spins and I lose my balance and fall and then start screaming.

“So I still get it. They’re less common. I had never had it before.

“Obviously I’m on some sort of anti-anxiety, anti-depression, it’s called Sertraline to try and help with that. For me, the great exercise is what helps me. It really helps me a lot to deal with it.”

Walsh said his passion for comedy had waned in the wake of the controversy.

“I’ve wanted to be a comedian for most of my life,” he said.

“Like everyone, when they get involved in anything in life. You want to leave your mark. You don’t want to leave traces like I left them.

“But you have to have a kind of confidence that you can do something special and make as many people as possible laugh.

“And that was really possible. That was really gone with the kiss and the statement. “

Walsh had been in a relationship with actress Rebecca Humphries at the time of the kiss.

Humphries broke up with him after the pictures were released, and in a public statement accused Walsh of calling her “psycho / crazy / mental” when she suspected he was involved in the Strictly dancer.


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