Strike Witches Season 3: Release Date&Latest Updates

Anime series have been my favorite since childhood. And I enjoyed watching anime series so much regardless of the storyline. But the action series was my favorite, what about you? While I’m talking about the action series Strike witches just got into my mind. And I wonder again Strike Witches Season 3 episodes, I am amazed every time I watch this series.

More about Strike Witches Season 3

This series was originally created by Fumikane Shimada. It has been adapted by various light novels, anime, manga series, and even video games.

The OVA preview was released on January 1, 2007. And later, the anime series was televised between July and September 2008, which marked the end of the first season. And after two years, from July to September 2010, the second season was broadcast.

The series was made into a film and was released on March 17, 2012. And from September 2014 to May 2015, three OVA series were released. Season 3 of The Strike Witches aired in October 2020 and lasted until December 2020.

In 1939, as humanity was declining at a rapid pace, a very powerful alien force began to invade Earth, which alien force was known as Neuroi. They destroyed the earth, countries and even human armies. So to stop this powerful force, the whole world united and meanwhile a new device was invented to fight with Neuroi’s.

The device was known as the Striker unit and the girls using this Striker unit were called Witches. They fought with the Neuroi and were able to use their abilities. The weapons were so powerful that they could not be controlled by another human. And later in 1944 Yoshika Miyafuj joined the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, also known as Strike witches.

Strike Witches Season 3: Girls with the Machines

So now the question is whether Youshika Miyafuzi will be able to save the planet from Neuroi’s?

Strike Witches Season 3

In Strike Witches Season 3 Road to Berlin, Yoshika Miyafuzi, a witch from Fuso who is studying medical school in Lausanne, assists the war effort after recovering from the accident that took away her magical powers.

Will Yoshika succeed in freeing Europe from Neuroi’s threats? Let’s find out together by watching all episodes Crunchyroll.

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