Student fights for life after false widow spider bite in middle of night

A student is fighting heartbreakingly for her life after being bitten by a spider in Wales.

Abby, 18, had to undergo emergency surgery after she grew a golf ball-sized lump where the spider bit her.

The 18-year-old woke up in the middle of the night after a sharp pain shot through her arm.

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She discovered the fake widow in her bed and ran away, only to find herself in a hospital bed days later.

The medics tried to treat the bite – and feared that it could lead to sepsis.

Abby of Caerphilly, Wales said, “I woke up with a stabbing pain that woke me from my sleep and looked next to me to see this huge spider run off the bed.

“It was really sore and only got worse. It got bigger, it was very red, itchy, and so sore that I couldn’t move my arm or sleep on my side.

“I was really dizzy and weak, I was cooking and I felt like my heart was racing and the lump was even bigger like a golf ball.

“I collapsed when the doctors pushed me into an operation, but luckily they made it or I would have developed sepsis that can die from.

“I was really scared of spiders before, but now I’m too scared to even go back to the trailer and the sight of a tiny spider makes me sick and scared.”

Student fights for life after false widow spider bite in middle of night 1

Abby said, “I’m really scared of spiders anyway, so my first reaction was to scream and run from my room in a panic.

“I went back inside and couldn’t find it anywhere, it was hidden somewhere, but I had this little mark under my arm.

“It’s hard to describe the pain of the mark, but even though it was that tiny spot, the pain felt like a stab wound. It was so, so sore every time I raised my arm, like something huge was there.

“I didn’t sleep in the same room that night after I couldn’t find the spider, I was too scared.”

Student fights for life after false widow spider bite in middle of night 2

Abby visited her family doctor’s office three days after she was bitten after feeling dizzy and weak with the bump that is now the size of a golf ball.

Abby said, “The antibiotics didn’t make me feel better, and then on Monday morning I woke up and my shirt was covered in blood and pus – I must have slept on my side at the end.

“I took off my top and it was just covered in pus and blood. It was really scary.

“When I went to the emergency room, I felt really awful, hot, weak, and my blood pressure and heart rate were really high.

Student fights for life after false widow spider bite in middle of night 3

“Doctors said I needed an operation and I just looked at my mom in shock. I don’t like blood or needles and I was really scared, but they said sepsis could develop if we wait too long.

“I’ve been everywhere. My symptoms got worse really quickly – I cooked, I just sweated through my clothes.

“They gave me a drip straight away, but I had a panic attack and passed out because I was just so sick and they couldn’t get the drip in because I was so dehydrated and shivering.

“I couldn’t breathe so I had an oxygen mask and heard the doctors say, ‘Oh my god, she’s really bad’ when they rushed me into the theater.”

Abby said, “It was difficult. I was in so much pain while I was recovering.

Student fights for life after false widow spider bite in middle of night 4

“The pain is much better now. After the operation, I felt like I was stabbed, but now it has subsided and I just feel uncomfortable instead.

“It was an open wound and so deep in my body – after the operation it was about 4 cm deep.

“I’m supposed to be going back to the trailer in a couple of weeks, but I’m too scared to go back so I just have to see how I feel in due course.

“I think it was a fake widow spider – I did a bit of research and found other people in Wales who were bitten by them and also in the same place under their arm. My photo of the spider matches the markings on fake widows” Got I also seen it online.

“People always say that spiders won’t harm you, that you are much bigger than them, but that shows that they can. You just don’t think that’s going to happen to you until it happens. “


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