Student had copies of Mein Kampf 'for dissertation', trial told

An alleged neo-Nazi student claimed he had copies of Hitler’s Mein Kampf to help him with his university work.

Andrew Dymock told the Old Bailey that he had the Nazi leader’s autobiographical manifesto – along with books on Satanism – for “research” into right-wing populism.

The 24-year-old is accused of a number of terrorist offenses in connection with the alleged promotion of the now banned right-wing extremist group System Resistance Network (SRN).

Dymock, who lived in Bath, Somerset with his parents, denies the allegations, claiming it was founded.

The former Aberystwyth University politics student said in court on Tuesday: “My struggle was a very important piece of text in one of the modules I did about World War II.

“I used it for my PhD thesis as well, and I used it for several other essays dealing with Hitler’s views on the geopolitical context in early 20th century Europe.

“I bought a copy sometime in 2017 and accidentally bought it in German. I can’t read German. So I got these copies in English. “

Dymock said another book on “Nazi Satanists” – which he called a “hideous subject” – was also used for his dissertation research.

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When asked why he was in possession of an SS flag, Dymock claimed that he bought it because of his interest in World War II and flags in general.

He said, “The SS that I got back when I was 16 or 17. I found out they are illegal and as a stupid teenager I want to buy one based on historical interest. “

The defendant admitted to having attended the right-wing extremist forum “Iron March” at the end of 2017, but told the court that he had never had an account or posted on it.

When asked if the site was included in his research, Dymock said: There was a lot of material there, historical and political. “

The defendant said he was not a National Socialist and “never” was.

Dymock has dismissed five charges of promoting terrorism, two charges of terrorist financing, inciting racial hatred and hatred based on sexual orientation, distributing terrorist publications, possessing a terrorist document, and possessing racially inflammatory material.

The trial at the Old Bailey continues on Wednesday.


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