Students in university halls could claim rent refunds with Martin Lewis' advice

Martin Lewis gave some key tips to students who live in university dormitories on how they may be able to claim back rent.

The founder of Money Saving Expert spoke about the new lockdown on the first Martin Lewis Money Show Live and had a lot of advice for people seeking financial help and support during the pandemic.

The latest financial news for viewers to find out what they might be entitled to, including tips on vacation changes and what it could mean for you, as well as Martin’s guide to avoiding a price hike on streaming services like Netflix.

He had instructions for students who are physically unable to live in university halls due to lockdown rules.

On Expert in saving moneyIt explains: “Students are no more entitled to a rent reduction or freeze payment than any other tenant – and this applies to those who rent both university-provided accommodation and private apartments.

“However, some universities have confirmed that they provide rent refunds or discounts. Because they have a pastoral duty of care, they may be more likely to offer help than private landlords.”

So what are you doing?

If you are staying in university accommodation, the advice is:

  • Check to see if your university has a refund policy
  • Check your rental agreement
  • Check your rental agreement

If you are a private tenant:

  • Talk to your accommodation provider or landlord
  • Check your rental agreement

There are other ways students can get support as well – Check out the Money Saving Expert for all the details.

  • The Martin Lewis Money Show Live is on ITV at 8:30 p.m. on Thursdays


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