Student's savvy secret to save thousands on accommodation

One student revealed how she saved thousands by swapping her dorm and staying in a hotel instead.

Student dormitories can be extremely expensive, costing thousands a year, which can sometimes make them tight.

Yet one woman believes she has discovered the secret of saving without missing class.

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Tigerlily Taylor (@tigerlilytaylorx) recently went to TikTok to reveal that she saved a staggering £ 4,300 in a single academic year by choosing to stay in a hotel instead of college halls.

“If you only go to university two days a week, then I live in a Travelodge instead of paying for a dormitory,” she wrote about the clip.

Tigerlily stated that a room this size with an ensuite bathroom at her university would cost about £ 620 a month. Instead, she pays just £ 35 a night once a week at the local Travelodge.

she said Money supermarket: “On average, university accommodation costs £ 620 per month (that’s for a large room with a private bathroom).

“My hotel room is usually around £ 35 a night and I only have to stay once a week, so I spend an average of £ 140 a month on a double room at the Travelodge.”

In the comment area, many people quickly stated that they would miss fun lessons with their classmates, but Tigerlily replied that she had already made many friends at the university, which is why she chose the Travelodge.

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