Stunning self-flying electric car would go ground to air with 360 degree views

An aerospace company has unveiled designs for a stunning electric flying car that will be in the air within 50 years.

The self-flying vehicle called Pulse Concept is a vision of seamless air and ground travel and was developed by the Brazilian aircraft company Embraer.

While it takes into account what the technology of the future might look like, it is partially inspired by the first concept car, Harley Earl’s Buick Y-Job from 1939.

This vehicle – called the car of the future – contained imaginative ideas such as hidden headlights, flush door handles, a convertible top covered by a metal deck, and electrically operated windows.

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Embraer’s flying car has a glass capsule that, attached to the wings and tail, can take off and land vertically.

On the ground, the capsule is transferred to a wheeled vehicle, creating a seamless transport loop by taking owners to the ground from the air without having to leave the plush capsule.

The pod, based on future advances in “smart” glass technology and clear alloy metals, will enable an extraordinary 360-degree view.

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After the capsule is deployed, the aircraft takes off

Embraer’s designers created the Pulse, aimed at high-flying businessmen and the wealthy, to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary, which sells well-equipped private and business aircraft.

The launch date of the Pulse also depends on the improvement in solid-state batteries.

The four propellers are driven by four electric motors.

Stunning self-flying electric car would go ground to air with 360 degree views 1

Embraer hopes its flying car Pulse will be on the air by 2070

An Embraer spokesperson said, “The concept enables travel from destination to destination – not just from airport to airport – from the comfort and safety of the user’s personal space.”

Elite Traveler magazine said, “The Embraer Pulse Concept would not only revolutionize the way we travel, it would also completely transform the experience.

The exterior of Embraer's Pulse Aircraft Concept

The Buick Y-Job was founded in 1939

“The capsule is transparent and the view of New York, Dubai, Monaco or London would be incredible.

“When passengers get tired of the view, the glass will be interactive, allowing them to work, watch movies, or make a video call.”


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