Subaru Unveils Its First Electric Vehicle

Japanese car manufacturer Subaru presented its first electric battery (Battery Electric Vehicle BEV)) vehicle, Solterra.

Brands looking to establish their presence in the electric car industry led by Tesla have been working hard in recent times. While many manufacturers are already announcing the date when they will say goodbye to fossil fuel vehicles, Subaru, operating since 1953, came out with its first battery-powered electric (Battery Electric Vehicle-BEV) vehicle, Solterra.

A first for Subaru, the low-slung instrument panel and top-mounted gauges enhance the sense of a spacious interior, while the horizontal-axis body, starting at the hexagonal grille and outstanding dynamic fenders, emphasize the vehicle’s strong structure.

Subaru Enters Electric Vehicle Market with Solterra

The vehicle, which can produce a total of 215 hp thanks to the two electric motors it contains, has a battery of 71.4 kWh. The vehicle’s average range was announced as 460 km.

Using a new system that drives the front and rear wheels with separate motors, Solterra takes full advantage of the handling of the four-wheel drive. the e-mailSubaru Global Platform was co-developed with Toyota as a platform exclusively for BEVs, leveraging the know-how of the Subaru Global Platform.

Subaru Unveils Its First Electric Vehicle 1
According to Subaru’s statement, the batteries placed on the floor of the vehicle were made part of the overall structure, providing a low center of gravity, high body strength and rigidity.

The vehicle, which increases the feeling of safety on rough or rough roads thanks to the X-Mode AWD control system, has the Grip Control function, which ensures both maintaining balance and driving at a constant speed on uneven roads .

Subaru Unveils Its First Electric Vehicle 2
In the event of a collision, the vehicle can transfer the load to multiple body frames, protecting not only the occupants but also the high voltage equipment. When the technical characteristics of the vehicle, especially the engine, are fully explained, we will share them with you.

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