Sue Gray publishes report into Boris Johnson and Downing Street parties

Officer Sue Gray’s report on allegations of parties breaking lockdown at Downing Street on Monday was due to be handed to Boris Johnson after work today to be cut back at the request of the Metropolitan Police.

The Prime Minister insisted that “I absolutely stand by what I’ve said in the past” when asked about his alleged denials of any wrongdoing to Tory MPs.

Downing Street has pledged to release the request quickly upon receipt, although the Cabinet Office team has yet to confirm when the document will be handed over.

Ms Gray’s account was muddled when Scotland Yard last week required she make minimal reference to events officers are investigating.

Asked about concerns the inquiry will be a “whitewash” because of the changes, Mr Johnson said: “You’ll have to wait and see what Sue says and of course what the Met says.”

The prime minister was also questioned because he had reportedly told MPs in private that he believed he had done nothing wrong.

“You will have to await the outcome of the investigation but of course I stand by absolutely what I have said in the past,” he said during a visit to a freeport in Tilbury, Essex.

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