Suicide bomber kills dozens at Afghan mosque in worst attack since Britain fled country

The Islamic State confessed to the attack, which Afghan media reported that 46 people were killed and 143 injured while in a mosque in a Shiite minority community in Kunduz province north of Kabul. prayed

Men walk through a mosque that was torn apart in a suicide bombing in a Shiite mosque in the Afghan province of Kunduz, about 200 miles north of Kabul (

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A suicide explosion killed dozen and left more than 100 injured while attending Friday prayers at a mosque in Afghanistan.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack on a Shiite-Muslim cult site in Kunduz province, around 300 kilometers north of Kabul.

Numerous believers were killed in the attack – the state news agency Bakhtar reported 46 dead and 143 injured.

But two health officials who spoke to Reuters said the death toll could be between 70 and 80.

Shocking video footage showed corpses surrounded by rubble in the mosque.

The explosion, which the United Nations mission in Afghanistan has identified as part of a worrying pattern of violence, has followed others in recent days at a mosque in Kabul and a religious school in eastern Khost province.

Recordings and images after the explosion show blood-stained floors on which the Shiite Muslim community took off their shoes in order to pray



There have been similar attacks in recent weeks, some of which have been alleged by the Islamic State, whose fighters are Sunni Muslims.

The attacks underscore the security challenges of the Taliban, who took over the country in August and have since carried out operations against Islamic State cells in Kabul.

It comes after US President Joe Biden warned of an “increasing threat of attack” by the IS-K terrorist group operating in Afghanistan and the Taliban’s “archenemy”.

The Sunni extremist group “Islamic State” claimed responsibility for the attack on the Shiite minority


Agency Anadolu via Getty Images)

The Islamic State of Khorasan or IS-K is the offshoot of the Central Asian province of the Islamic State, founded in 2015.

The target area includes parts of what is now Iran, Central Asia, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In a 2018 report, they are said to have been responsible for nearly 100 attacks on civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as around 250 clashes with US security forces since January 2017.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, which, according to local media, killed 46 people



In a warning, President Joe Biden said the US and Allied Forces are at risk of attack by ISIS members and straining a “weak” working relationship with the Taliban if they stay in Afghanistan.

The president said there were “increasing risks” for US forces and their allies staying in Afghanistan beyond August 31.

He said: “There are real and significant challenges that we must also consider the longer we stay, starting with the acute and growing risk of attack by a terrorist group called IS-K, an ISIS-affiliate in Afghanistan that is also a sworn in Enemy of the Taliban.

Bloody prayer rugs were left behind after the explosion hit a Shiite community in Kunduz. had met


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“Every day we are there is another day we know that ISIS-K is attempting to attack the airport, targeting both US and Allied forces and innocent civilians.

“Also, the Taliban have so far taken steps to work with us so we can get our people out, but as a delicate situation – we’ve already had some shootings – we are at serious risk of collapse over time.”

High-ranking sources have told the Mirror that there is now a “real risk” that the Islamic State will attack the evacuation masses with bombs followed by small arms fire.

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