Summer House 5 : Fans Accused Hannah For Plagiarism Comedy And Much More

The Summer House is back with Season 5 after going through a lot through the drama. The famous reality TV series has released 5 seasons so far and the final season will be introduced in May 2020. The ongoing season 5 is already a lot more interesting with the fans who would center Hannah for stealing the jokes and Jules for being did not participate in a season 5 meeting.

The new season brought a lot of excitement and drama to the show. MTV announced about season 5 a long time ago, so there was no suspense about it. If you are a fan of this show and looking for updates on the Zomerhuis. In this article, I’ll take you on a tour of this reality show. So hold on to your seat belt for this amazing journey.

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Summer House – A reality show

The American television reality show follows the lives of a group of friends and their fun life in the summer house. The show was shot in Montauk and the reality TV show stars are all ready to shoot the show in the summer. It feels like the perfect location!

With 9 friends and their lives screwed up it’s so good to watch them all chill out on the beach. The show also fills up with comedy after Hannah’s arrival on the show.

But recently, Summer House fans reportedly told her to copy the great comedians’ jokes. The show is already getting backlash from its own fans.

Fans accused Hannah Berner of plagiarism comedy

hannah berner

Hannah Berner, a famous comedian who is also part of the TV series Summer House Reality, is not having their best days. Comedy isn’t that easy and making money with it, well, nobody is really good at it. But Hannah Berner makes tons of money with her comedic skills, but are her jokes really funny?

In addition, the fans accuse the young actress of stealing the jokes of the famous comedians. I don’t know why people thought of her as a COMEDIAN when she only makes harsh jokes about the typical issues to be listened to and thought about carefully. Funny how people like this call themselves funny. Well, this reminds me of The Ellen Degeneres Show when she was accused of a toxic work environment.

Hannah, who has also worked in the podcast and hosted several shows in her life. While on the show, the contestants also call out to her for being mean and harsh on some issues. In return, she apologizes to her COMEDY NATURE behind it.

She recently made gross jokes about suicide, which is again a serious problem, and people weren’t really happy with her so-called joke. After the controversial comment, she lost mental health sponsorships. She later made up an apology for the jokes.

Not only this, but Reddit is full of comments about her and people claiming she’s just a “copy cat” and stealing jokes. People accuse her of trying too hard to be funny when she is herself. Well, the allegations go on and on and we have to see what will happen next.

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Why was Jules Daoud not there in Zomerhuis 5?

Jules Daoud

The popular social media star and reality star, who was a part of the Summer House Reality show, was not featured in Season 5. The star is already very popular on the reality show and her existence on the television series makes the Summer House more entertaining.

Jules was already part of Summer House and had previously been cast in 16 episodes. Her nature and appearance on the show make the viewer happy, but after the arrival of season 5, the audience wondered where she was?

Not all of Jules can be seen in Season 5 and the audience wants to know why? This is completely understandable after rumors surfaced that the departure was due to the entire Hannah Berner scene. There are a lot of rumors going around, but I’m not sure which one to believe. The show has not clearly indicated Jules Daoud’s departure from their show and the celebrity herself has not revealed anything so far.

Without an official statement it would be so difficult to conclude anything for me. If there are future updates from the team or from the celebrity, I will discuss this situation further. Until then, let’s wait for the news to come.

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Season 5 of Summer House wasn’t easy for Lindsay Hubbard, why?

Lindsay Hubbard's summer home

Since season 5 has already aired, viewers are speculating about Lindsay Hubbard’s life. The celebrity has been very not-so-like herself on the show lately. If you’re a summer house fan, you would have remembered what she was like in the show’s early years.

This is because of her boyfriend forcing her to go into heat after they get into a relationship. The celebrity wonders if she will ever get married or be in a serious relationship or not. As her mind grapples with her romantic life, many viewers of the show can easily relate to her.

She is one of the main cast since the show aired. That is why many viewers have a soft side to her.

How can I watch Season 5 of Summer House?

If you want to watch Season 5 of Summer House, you can probably watch Amazon Prime Video. The online platform has the Summer House series available and the person living anywhere in the world is eligible to watch it.

Final words

Season 5 of the Summer House was released on February 4, 2021. The final episode of Season 5 is scheduled for May 6, 2021, ending season 5. The series is currently not really renewed for season 6. It’s too early to predict whether there will be season 6 of Zomerhuis or not. Neither the team has announced anything with it, nor has the competitor said anything so far. If there’s anything else I’ll update this section for you.

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