'Super mutant' Covid strains could be possible, says Government scientist

A scientist has warned that new “super mutant” strains of Covid may emerge in the future.

Due to the recent Kent variety that came on the market last year, it is now believed that the Indian variety is now the dominant variety.

The government plans to fully reopen the country on June 21, and it could be delayed due to the new variant.

Today Matt Hancock said it was too early to say whether or not the country could be opened.

However, a government scientist said more deadly variants may be on the way in the future – and that this is “just the beginning”.

Prof Ravi Gupta, professor of clinical microbiology at Cambridge University, said the virus will do “strange” things.

The virus would try to more efficiently infect people against whom the population is building immunity.

“The virus is going to do some strange things,” Prof. Rupta said at a press conference. reports the sun.

“I mean, this is just the beginning. I think it will recombine, you will get super mutant virus I believe. “

When two variants mix into a hybrid, recombination is important for the virus to develop.

When two variants merge, one speaks of a “recombinant” – and there are already a few.

Prof. Rupta said, “But this is not necessarily a terrible thing, but the virus will do very unexpected things because the pressures on him will be severe so that he will adapt.”

He added, “It’s hard to say what’s going to happen, but the virus will find ways to get more contagious.

“You can already see that when it is under pressure, it tries to transmit more efficiently so it can do the job with fewer virus particles.”


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