Supermarket worker killed 15 chickens by having sex with them

Supermarket worker killed 15 chickens by having sex with them

A supermarket warehouse inspector who had sex with several chickens and his own dog was jailed for his sick crimes.

Shane Waters, 40, was jailed for 30 months on Friday and banned from lifelong animal ownership for his “dirty” sexual abuse.

Burnley Crown Court had heard Waters convicted of molesting horses in the late 1990s and 2016. LancsLive reports.

The court was told that 15 chickens had been killed as a result of sexual abuse by Waters.

Judge Sara Dodd said the case was “as unusual as it is worrying” when delivering the verdict.

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The dead birds were discovered on September 19 by a horrified farmer in the chicken coop at Lower Holker Farm in Accrington.

Fearing that “something sexual” had happened to them, he checked the video surveillance and called the RSPCA.

The footage showed Waters roaming around the farm before exiting the barn at 11:40 p.m.

He was arrested on September 23 and told officers, “I need help. I know what I’ve done. I just get this urge.”

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During police interviews, Waters told officers that he had been to the farm about nine times before, “but normally he only had sex with one chicken”.

Prosecutor Barbara Webster said, “He was reluctant to do the crime and then apologized to the chickens.”

He also admitted to having had sexual intercourse with his dog for a period of four months but said that the dog “didn’t like it and growled and bit him”.

Anna Chestnut, who defended himself, said Waters hoped to rebuild his life after his release from prison.

She said, “This is not who he wants to be. He is deeply disgusted with his behavior. “

Judge Dodd said, “As far as I know, at least 15 chickens have died as a result of your filthy sexual activity.

“Those who kept the chickens are understandably appalled and appalled at what you did.

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“I have no doubt that anyone who hears the details of this case will be disgusted.

“Your behavior is worrying and really worrying, especially given your previous beliefs.”

The judge issued an indeterminate criminal conduct order prohibiting keeping animals in water and made him notifiable for life.



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