Superstore Season 6: It Had Everything A Series Finale Should Have: Smiles, Tears, Jaw-Dropping Events, And Heartfelt Goodbyes

The return of Amy Sosa is one of the most exciting elements of the finale. She arrives at “SuperStore” determined to help her former colleagues avoid the closure of Store 1217.

Amy’s return to support her former colleagues is an example of who she is. Amy’s character will still be more concerned with her Cloud 9 family than with any corporate work. The Store 1217 employees are now ready to take on Zephra and save their store, thanks to Amy’s constant updates. They are optimistic that they will be among the 5% of Cloud 9 locations that will remain available.

And with Amy by their side, they can only do so much. Despite a courageous effort, Zephra plans to turn Store 1217 into a fulfillment center and cast doubt on everyone’s future. Everything but Amy, that is. But one thing we do know about Amy is that she is very loyal to and protective of her Cloud 9 family. But it is perfectly characteristic for her to resign from her leadership position at Sephora.

Since everyone has lost their jobs, the whole finale revolves around the characters pondering their future plans as they remember their time in Cloud 9. Many of the characters, especially Mateo, find it difficult because their future is uncertain. Mateo deserved to be promoted to Floor Supervisor in Superstore Season 4. He has excelled in every endeavor he has pursued, including as a floor worker, floor supervisor, eye center worker and manager assistant.

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Mateo’s story is intertwined with that of Glenn, who faces a bleak future after the closure of Store 1217, forcing him to retire. Mateo, on the other hand, points out that no one is pressuring him to retire; he can find work elsewhere. Dina’s plot shows how much she has come along since the first season of Superstore. She thought everyone could be replaced at the start of the show. Dina didn’t care about the staff, and she despised the majority, if not all, of them.

Superstore season 6

Dina now understands each employee’s strengths and weaknesses. She cannot make a decision because she loves and values ​​all of her employees, which is a sign of her growth. There’s strong character development and engaging ongoing storylines … making it a perfect binge, but not so much that it’s inaccessible to those who want to start watching right away without catching up.

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The Superstore Final met all our expectations and more. It’s unusual to see a movie’s finale happen this well, but Superstore succeeds.

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