Surfer claims to have coolest commute after riding bore wave home from work

A surf instructor has been claiming Britain’s “coolest commute” after riding the waves home from work on a tide drill.

Reuben Mellor-Clark, 21, had finished his surfing lesson in Perranporth, Cornwall, when he spotted a wave in a river channel leading to the beach on Thursday (7/10).

The surfable Perranporth Bore is created when waves from the ocean are pressed into the river, which offers the opportunity for a unique mode of transport.

And Reuben said he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to catch it halfway home.

He said, “It was the first time I did this.

“I prefer to surf in the ocean, but I liked the boredom because it’s a little new.

“It only happens now and then, we usually only see it once a year at most.

“It will probably go over ten meters, but it depends on the conditions.

“You can surf it all the way down the river, which takes about a minute, but it wasn’t quite big enough that evening.”

The surfer estimates that he managed to stay on the wave for about ten seconds.

“It’s a little weird, it doesn’t feel the same, it just pushes itself off in a big wave so feels more like an artificial wave,” he added.

Kate, who runs Perranporth Surf School, said, “I just love it when it happens.

“We were just playing around.”

It was the combination of a high spring tide and a large swell that rolled in from storms in the Atlantic that created this particular wave.

Ruben was paddling the wave as he drove home from a coaching session, and the moment was captured by his aunt Kate Walsh.

According to the surfing website Magic Seaweed, the remains of what was once Hurricane Sam were used to create large waves on the Cornish coast.

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