Surfer mauled to death by great white shark hours after kissing pregnant wife goodbye

Timothy Thompson died after the predator ripped off his arm, and his heartbroken wife has spoken of the “pain” of knowing that their baby will never know his father

A surfer died after a shark ripped off his arm (

Image: Katie Thompson / Facebook)

A surfer has died after a great white shark ripped off his arm – just hours after kissing his pregnant wife goodbye.

Timothy Thompson, 31, was killed by the predator despite desperate attempts by other surfers and rescue services to rescue him on Emerald Beach in Coffs Harbor, Australia.

His wife Katie said she was “unhappy” and said the time together was “amazing and full of adventure”.

She said she was comforted by “knowing how loved Tim was by everyone”.

The couple reportedly were expecting their first child in January after getting married six months ago.

Mr. Thompson was brought ashore by other surfers and received help from paramedics, but they were unable to save him


Katie Thompson / Facebook)

Mr Thompson had been surfing Sunday morning when he was attacked by the shark and the medics arriving at 10:45 a.m. could not save him.

Another surfer told the Daily Telegraph Australia: “I was out in the surf and heard screams. I paddled further out to the water and saw a man without an arm, there was a lot of blood.

“He yelled ‘Help me’ as people tried to get him to shore.

“I saw paramedics do him CPR for about an hour and a half and tried to save her.”

His wife Katie wrote on Facebook how sad she was that her baby would never meet her father.

He and his wife Katie were expecting their first child in January


Katie Thompson / Facebook)

She wrote: “To say I was heartbroken would be an understatement. I’m just waiting for someone to tell me this is not real.

“All I know now is that I have no choice but to keep going because a little piece of you is growing inside of me.

“My heart aches for our baby who will never get to know you. You would have been the best papa.

“I promise to tell our baby every day how great his daddy was, how you never said a bad word about anyone, how nice and caring you were and most importantly, how much you loved that little Bubba, the one in mine Belly grows.

“The last thing Tim said to me before walking out the door for the last time was ‘I love you both’. He kissed me and my stomach goodbye.

“Never in a million years would I have thought that I would live without you. Life can be tragic and unfair, but I find it comforting to know how much Tim was loved by everyone. The time we had together was amazing and full of adventure.

” I am incredibly blessed that we met and that our love story with our baby can go on. ”

She also thanked the other surfers and paramedics “for having been brave, taking him ashore and doing everything possible to try to save him.”

Hugh Riley and friends tried to save Mr. Thompson, reports, who used a tourniquet to stop the bleeding while others were administering CPR.

According to reports, Riley said, “There have been some pretty terrible injuries and we’ve done everything we can to give him a chance in life.”

Mr. Thompson’s friends Bronte Graham and Lauren Wall have one gofundme page to support his family.


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