Surgeon general defends official Covid-19 numbers

Adams also said the death toll isn’t the only indicator of how damaging the pandemic has been to the country.

Trump tweeted Sunday: “The number of cases and deaths of the China virus is greatly exaggerated in the US due to @CDCgov’s ridiculous method of identification compared to other countries, many of which are intentionally reporting very imprecise and low. “When in doubt, call it Covid.” Fake news! ”

America’s death toll of the coronavirus has exceeded 350,000, with more than 20 million cases diagnosed. Both are by far the tallest in the world.

In the fall, Adams had predicted that US vaccinations would hit 20 million by December. The actual numbers are far below that at around 4 million. Still, Adams said the vaccination program was off to a solid start.

“The good news,” he told Tapper, “is that we are seeing it rise rapidly thanks to our government partners.” 1.5 million first shots were reported in the past 72 hours. If you extrapolate that out and extrapolate a lot of numbers, that’s 500,000 per day. I want everyone to know that over the next week or two we should be paying close attention to make sure we keep seeing this surge, and I expect that will be the case. “

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