Surgeon General makes plea: Wearing a mask ‘will protect my mother’

Adams, who has been the best doctor in the country since 2017, tweeted on Thanksgiving that his mother and wife were both recently hospitalized.

“My wife has just been hospitalized for complications with cancer treatment. My mother was admitted last night with a hip fracture and possible stroke. Thank you to everyone who kept a hospital bed open for my loved ones by following the # COVID19 precautions and receiving your # fl u shot. It’s important, ”said Adams said.

The surgeon general said practicing social distancing and masking could bridge the gap between now and a vaccine release, which could happen by the end of the year.

“We want to immunize against the effects, realizing that we will have 40 million doses of the vaccine by the end of this year,” said Adams, noting that the first round of vaccines are aimed at protecting those in need, including those in nursing homes would. “If you are part of the public, I want you to understand that it will likely be the end of the first quarter and the beginning of the second quarter of next year before you can get a vaccine.”

Adams, whose four-year term expired in August 2021, could be among the only top Trump health officials inducted into the future Biden administration.

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