Survey: Most PS5 buyers will take time off at launch

Survey: Most PS5 buyers will take time off at launch

A public poll shared on Reddit provided some interesting data about the PS5’s launch when asked what consumer habits will be during the console’s first days of arrival on November 12. According to the results, the vast majority of players plan to take a few days off to take advantage of the myriad of news that will be available from day one.

According to the Executives group, a specialist in digital recruiting, statistics indicate that 66% of fans plan to take days off at launch to play the PS5, while 2% plan to contact to announce the HR of their services and a departure. temporary due to an alleged illness, combining home office work with a few hours of gambling.

“What is surprising is that 2% of PlayStation fans plan to call work and say they are sick to play all day. It’s a dangerous tactic because getting caught ‘pissing’ almost always results in disciplinary action, ”said Mo Alexander, chief recruiting officer at Executives. The launch of a new PlayStation takes place roughly every seven years so I can understand why the fans are excited, but I would never recommend faking a disease for that or any other reason! “

The survey, based on comments on Reddit, still indicates that about 31% of players plan to use the video game after their hours without compromising their work routine. The data used responses from 494 users.

Is that you? How will you spend your hours after the launch of PlayStation 5? Leave your answer in the comments!


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