Susan Collins, Brett Kavanaugh, and Texas’s Abortion Ban

Susan Collins recognizes that Texas law prohibiting abortion after the first six weeks of pregnancy, even with rape and incest, “extreme. “The senior senator from Maine admits that US Supreme Court refusal Repealing the law – which encourages bounty hunters to sue anyone who helps a pregnant person gain control of their body for $ 10,000 – is “harmful.” On Thursday, the Justice Department filed a lawsuit against Texas challenging the constitutionality of the law.

But Collins has failed to acknowledge that her advocacy for former President Donald Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to court paved the way for this new avenue of assault on reproductive rights. And while she says now that she supports her legislative efforts to combat the threat to abortion law, their loyalty to Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell makes it highly unlikely that Collins will support the lifting of the Senate filibuster in order to codify state protections for the right to vote.

In other words, the senator’s criticism of the court ruling sounds hollow – so hollow that commentator Jennifer Rubin referenced described the senator’s testimony as “a terrible insult to our intelligence”. Reproductive rights mainers are not allowing the Senator to be negligent at this point, and neither should anyone else.

“Remember when Susan Collins said she was convinced that Brett Kavanaugh believed that a woman’s right to vote was ‘established law’?” noticed Writer Stephen King, one of the most prominent citizens of Maine. “She was wrong. Women in Texas have to pay the price for their gullibility.”

IIn the fall of 2018, Collins was able to prevent Trump’s most controversial candidate from being appointed to the court. Instead, it provided Kavanaugh with vital cover – assuring her fellow senators and people across the country that the former aide to the Bush administration would not work to undermine, let alone overturn, the 1973 Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade. As Rubin explains, Collins has “done more to destroy reproductive rights than any single senator.”

As one of the few remaining self-proclaimed proponents of a pregnant person’s right to vote in the Republican Party congressional election, Collins was identified as a critical momentum in the Kavanaugh nomination. She met with the candidate for two hours and emerged as Kavanaugh’s main defender. Collins vouched for the nomination, also after the California college professor Christine Blasey Ford testified that Kavanaugh attacked them when they were high school.

“We talked about whether he considers Roe a settled right,” said Collins after meeting Kavanaugh. “He said he agreed with what Judge Roberts said at his nomination hearing where he said it was a regulated law.”

Critics at the time argued that Collins was naive or cynical, or perhaps both, about Kavanaugh, whose record as socially conservative was well-established. But her announcement bolstered support for the candidate at a time when at least some Republicans – along with the West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin– hesitated whether to confirm Kavanaugh. In the end, Manchin joined Collins and every Republican except for Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski in support of the 50-48 vote to stand Trump’s candidate in the High Court.

Despite Collins’ assurances, Kavanaugh did not respect it roe‘s precedent.

L.For the past week, Collins tried to match up with a false statement. “I voted on seven of the nine Supreme Court justices. Of those I voted for, three voted with a majority and three with a minority, ”she said. The Senator stated that she had voted against the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who joined the majority in the Texas case. But the one who could have stopped them was Brett Kavanaugh.

“These are the judges of Susan Collins and thus her legacy; she will forever be the U.S. Senator who deliberately misled a nation and its constituents in a 43-minute self-righteous speech in the Senate claiming that she believed and believed Brett M. Kavanaugh’s commitment to law condemned the appearance of frightened and committed voters, ”says Marie Follayttar, director and co-founder of Mainers for responsible leadership.

No matter how she covers her tracks now, no matter what she says about the extremism of the Texas decision, Collins cannot casually evade responsibility for her actions. In her defense of Kavanaugh and her critical vote to endorse it, Follayttar said, the Senator “has taken us to the point where our physical autonomy and fundamental rights are at risk, and where pregnant Texans risk being a gun bounty hunter for them and theirs Families persecuted “for an abortion.”


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