Swimmer lost at sea feared he was surrounded by sharks until he was saved by dolphins

A Fenit RNLI volunteer lifeboat crew located Ruairi McSorley after spotting a dolphin and head bobbing over the water near Castlegregory Beach, County Kerry

Ruairí McSorley was previously the subject of a viral video in Ireland

A stranded swimmer rescued by a dolphin school feared his rescuers were actually sharks that had surrounded him.

Ruairi McSorley was rescued after being found more than two miles from land in the icy waters of Tralee Bay, Ireland.

It turned out that the 24-year-old had previously become an Internet sensation as a boy after appearing in the news, which delighted viewers.

As a teenager he won hearts after noticing the snowy weather in Derry: “Oh God, you wouldn’t get frostbitten for long”.

The viral video resurfaced recently when it was revealed that he was the same man rescued several miles off the coast of southwest Ireland after getting into trouble during a daring swim.

He was saved after a “miracle” rescue operation



Fenit RNLI volunteer lifeboat crew located the swimmer after discovering a pod of dolphins and a rocking head near Castlegregory Beach, County Kerry.

In an interview with the sun he said he was shocked for a moment when the fins appeared in the water around him.

He said, “When I was swimming, I saw a pair of black fins. The first thing I thought was, damn it, why didn’t I google if Southern Ireland has sharks?

“I thought, ‘Well, if it’s sharks, I’ll be punished at this point, or they just aren’t hungry.”

Fenit Lifeboat and Rescue 115 volunteers were tasked with finding the swimmer after clothes were found abandoned on the beach.

He had only worn swimming trunks while swimming and the temperatures were dropping quickly.

He was found near the Fenit Island lighthouse


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Rescue workers finally found him after being drawn to the man by the incredible marine life.

Gerard O’Donnell, operations manager of the Fenit RNLI lifeboat, commented on the rescue that the dolphins had circled him – perhaps to protect him and to draw attention to his whereabouts.

Helmsman O’Donnell believes they may have tried to get him to safety.

When he was finally brought to safety, he asked his rescuers if they were sharks and if he was in danger.

They explained that they were just dolphins and were probably trying to help him.

After fully recovering from his ordeal, he said he was now preparing for his next adventure and planning to become an auctioneer in Texas, USA.

He told the publication that his drowning prepared him for anything.

He added, “If you choose to make things difficult out of choice, you are ready for anything. It’s like my way of dwarfing what most people would see as great challenges in life . “


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