Taboo Season 2 : Release date, Cast, Plot And All Details you must know !!

Taboo Season 2 : Release date, Cast, Plot And All Details you must know !!

Taboo a BBC series and creation of Steven Knight and Hardy Son and Baker. Show is a period drama crime television series. It receive positive reviews and highly praise for its performance and story. Though BBC already renew show in 2017 after season one . But till then three years have passed no information is available regarding season 2 . Fans and audience are desperate to know about upcoming season of the show.

Taboo Season 2 Release Date

Even after getting a green light for renewal . Makers are not disclosing any release date . However , they confirm that there will be two more seasons in franchise . The delay in production is the main cause of indefinite release date . Season 2 is facing several delays since three years and now pandemic is another barrier . Thus we are not expecting season 2 before 2022.

Taboo Season 2 Plot

Season one of the show has total eight episodes . In the finale Zilpha kills herself and James a while away from his trial . While Atticus and Lorna tell Helga that East India company frame James for killing Winter . The sequel season will catch track from season one’s end . Till now there is no trailer too so just wait and watch .

Taboo Season 2: Cast

It is sure that core and lead character by Tom Hardy will reprise . Along him Leo Bill , Stephen Graham , Jefferoon Hall , Mark Gatiss will also be there. Some new faces may also join the team .


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