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Covid-19: Delhi has highest infection rate, Tamil Nadu is showing recovery

The rate of infection by coronaviruses in India – positive results in proportion to the tests carried out – increased sharply, from 3.5% on April … Read more

A man wearing protective suit checks the temperature of people standing in a queue to get free food at IYC headquarters, during the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown, in New Delhi

India coronavirus dispatch: A constitutional duty towards our urban poor

Here is a summary of important articles on coronaviruses from Indian publications. Whether it’s treating migrant workers fairly and humanely, flattening state-level curves and how … Read more

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Covid-19 hinterland digest: 5 new epicenters emerge in Rajasthan in 2 days

The fight against coronavirus (Covid-19) is not limited to hospitals. The impact of the virus is more global than one might imagine. The economy is … Read more


Covid-19 exposes regulatory chinks, may force firms to replan work formats

Experts say Covid-19 has revealed flaws in India’s regulatory system and that there would be changes in the way companies organize their workforce and businesses … Read more

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India coronavirus dispatch: A time for brave and imaginative action

Here is a summary of important articles on Covid-19 from Indian publications – from caring for the Indian migrant to the right containment strategy and … Read more