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Take Action Now: Fight for Voting Rights


The Californians are waiting to cast their ballots. (Mark Ralston / AFP via Getty Images)

Last week, Trump launched another aggressive attack on the postal vote by threatening to withhold federal funds from Michigan and Nevada if the postal vote were to be expanded. As the president continues to threaten the basic functioning of our democracy, it is crucial that we fight for safe voting rights this November.
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These weeks Take action now gives you the opportunity to demand that Congress take decisive measures to protect our democracy and that you educate your community about voting rights and build democratic participation.

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The tools we need to maintain our democracy in the face of Covid-19 are clear: postal voting, early voting, and apologetic postal voting. Ask Congress to pass the Natural Disasters and Emergency Votes Act now to initiate these crucial reforms. Then say Your elected representative to provide sufficient funds to withdraw the United States Postal Service from the verge of bankruptcy, which is critical to enabling postal voting.


A federal judge passed a Florida law on Sunday restricting criminals’ voting rights and paving the way for hundreds of thousands of people to vote. Help raise awareness about offenders’ voting rights in your state resources from the “Restore Voting” campaign. Find out about the rules for absent Voting and others Voting procedure in your state and spread the word to other voters near you. Learn about electoral reforms that keep our elections democratic and secure by viewing the Campaign Legal Center resources.


Across the country, voting rights organizations are working to ensure that no one is disenfranchised by this public health crisis. To join The Common Cause action team to find out how you can contribute to the fight for our democracy. Then Check out The list of Movement Voter Project organizations fighting across the country to build power and democratic participation shows how you can participate in the November vote.




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