Taliban fighter ‘points gun at miserable bear at Kabul Zoo' amid treatment concerns

The photo shows a group of regime fighters looking down at a lone bear locked in an enclosure with a gun pointed at him

The picture raised concerns about the animal’s treatment

A terrifying image has emerged that appears to show armed Taliban fighters aiming a gun at a bear in the Kabul Zoo.

The photo shows a group of regime fighters looking down at a lone bear locked in an enclosure.

When the animal looks up at the group, one of the militants can be seen pointing his weapon in its direction.

While an international coalition of animals said the animals are being cared for at the zoo, the picture has raised concerns about animal abuse in the 1990s.

There have been reports of several incidents at the zoo where Afghan fighters hit animals, one threw a grenade at a bear.

After the US withdrew, the Taliban took control of the country


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The new image released by The Sun is sad to have raised concerns about how the animals left behind in the zoo are now being treated.

The publication Reports a source said, “For the animals in the zoo, it’s game over.

“You can’t even run. I can’t even imagine the horror.”

It is alleged that zoo workers continue to care for the animals, but it is not known whether the Taliban will continue to care for the animals.

Asia for Animals said it is monitoring the situation, but so far the animals have been fed and cared for as usual.

They said in a statement: “We have received more confirmation from our local contacts that the zoo is still operating while the situation on site is unstable.

“There were Taliban soldiers in the zoo who had contact with the staff and who visited the animals.

“Since the zoo is under the Kabul city administration, the zoo will ultimately fall under the jurisdiction of the Taliban.

“At the moment, the animals are still being fed and cared for as usual.

“There was a fire near the zoo last week, but the zoo wasn’t affected.”

The group later confirmed on social media that the animal in the picture was neither shot nor shot at.

A media report published two decades ago claimed that in the 1990s a man at the zoo threw a grenade at a lion after the lion killed his friend, causing the animal to go blind from the explosion in one eye.

The zoo is also said to have been popular with bored soldiers on vacation from the front and to have seen how bears were beaten and other animals were beaten with sticks, snowballs and stones.


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